Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators

TYPE 10-R SERIES GAS/LIQUID SEPARATORS Flanged • Fabricated Carbon Steel Construction

The Eaton standard size Type 10-R Series Separators are designed for liquid slugs or heavy liquid loads and can be provided with a large reservoir to meet liquid holdup requirements. For applications where space is restricted, a compact model is available.


Type 10-R Series Separators are widely used in the chemical and process industries where large volumes of liquid must be separated from gases. They also may be used as a flash or surge tank, or as a scrubber or de-mister ahead of steam turbines.

Principle of Operation

Eaton Type 10-R Series Separators have two stages for separating large volumes of liquid from a smaller volume of a gas or vapor. In stage one, the flow enters the inlet and is deflected downward by the impingement plate causing it to loose velocity. This results in the majority of the liquid dropping into the reservoir. In the second stage the moisture laden gas passes through a vane element where the remaining moisture is separated and flows down to the reservoir. The separator will remove all liquid and solid entrainment where the particle size is 10 microns or greater.


Type R Separators are constructed in accordance with the ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 and are code stamped. They are available with 150# slip on raised face flanges rated at 200 psi at 300°F or with 300# slip on raised face flanges rated at 250 psi at 650°F. They feature fabricated carbon steel construction and with internal vane blades made of 304L stainless steel.

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