Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators

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Wright Austin Eaton Gas Liquid Separtors or Air Liquid Separtors

Wright Austin (Eaton) Gas/Liquid Separator Applications


Wright Austin Gas/Liquid Separators are often installed ahead of steam turbines to protect the turbine blades from the erosive action of wet steam, pipe scale and other damage causing entrained solids. They are also installed in steam distribution lines to assure clean, dry steam entering heat exchangers, pressure reducing valves, temperature regulators, meters and other process equipment.

Compressed Air

Compressed air lines have Gas/Liquid Separators installed following intercoolers and aftercoolers to remove entrained moisture which would otherwise cause damage in successive stages of compression or to subsequent processes. They are also used for entrainment removal in primary air lines leading to air using equipment such as air chucks, air nozzles and paint spray equipment. They are particularly suitable for long runs of pipe and where wide temperature differentials are found. The units are highly efficient for moisture separation of refrigerated air dryer packages.

Compressed Gas

Gas/Liquid Separators are often used in conjunction with intercooler and aftercooler equipment installed on gas compressors. They are very effective in the removal of oil, tar, water and other unwanted entrainment.

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