Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators


Eaton Internal Gas/Liquid Separators are designed to be installed inside of receivers, steam drums and other vessels where they will remove 99% of particles and liquid droplets of 10 microns or larger from air, gas or steam.

These are centrifugal separators that cause the gas stream to enter a controlled centrifugal flow. This action forces the entrained liquids and solids to the outer wall of the internal separator where they fall to a bottom drain. The exit stream is drawn from the clean and dry center of the separator and that assures a clean and dry gas stream at the outlet. The Type 60-I has an upflow configuration while the 70-I has a downflow configuration. Both are fabricated from carbon steel and have 304L stainless steel blades.


See air and steam charts on pages 30 and 32. Use 65% of the equivalent air or steam flow when sizing internal separators.

Installation Considerations

To operate effectively, the internal separator must be located a minimum of 12 inches above the surface of the liquid, plus the pressure drop across the element in inches of water.

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