Eaton Gas/Liquid Separators

SERIES CLC COALESCERS/SEPARATORS Centrifugal In-Line Gas Liquid Separators Flanged Connections • Fabricated Carbon Steel Construction

Most Efficient Design Type

The unique two stage design of these separators allows them to remove 99% of all liquid and solid particles larger than 4 microns in size. Standard, one stage separators are only capable of removing particles larger than 10 micron in size. The Eaton Coalescer/Separator efficiency far exceeds that of any other type of centrifugal, cyclone, turbine or vane type separator. And they do it with no moving parts to fail or wear out.


The Eaton Coalescer/Separator is a two-stage vessel designed for separation of liquid in the form of a fine mist or fog from a gas or vapor. The coalescer/separator is primarily used in applications where fine mists are encountered in processes involving cooling or condensation, flashing or evaporation. Some examples of applications are separating liquid, such as water or oil from: compressed refrigeration gases, evaporator overhead steam, compressed air prior to desiccant dryer beds, high pressure gas at injection wells, fuel gas lines to engines in power and industrial plants, natural gas and gas distribution lines or regulator stations.

Two-Stage Design

The operation of an Eaton Coalescer/Separator can be divided into two stages. In the first stage, the coalescer stage, the smaller liquid droplets enter a special wire mesh de-misting pad in the vessel. The purpose of this pad is to increase the size of the droplets as they pass through it so that they can be removed. The larger liquid droplets exit the de-misting pad and enter the second, separation, stage. Here the droplets are centrifugally thrown to the outside wall by a unique CenpellarTM and flow to the bottom of the vessel for draining. The Eaton Vortex Containment Plate (VCP), prevents the droplets from being re-entrained after separation.

Easy Maintenance

The only maintenance required is the inspection, cleaning, or replacement of the de-misting pad. This is easily accomplished through either a quick opening body closure or body flanges.

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